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About Cookie

cookieCookie has been a professional psychic medium for twenty years. As a Moon Child born under the sign of Cancer, Cookie was always aware that she had a talent for premonitions. To nurture that talent, she studies at the Michigan Metaphysical Society in Berkley, Michigan. Today Cookie excels with many abilities, including messages from the other side, readings, house blessings, and more. Her strongest ability is communicating with spirits.
Cookie has been featured in The Oakland Press and Real Detroit Weekly, and she was a repeat guest on the popular “Exploring the Psyche” show, hosted by Joyce Hagelthorn on Dearborn’s cable TV system. Many of her clients include high-ranking politicians, successful business people and celebrities. She also frequently participates in charity events. She performs readings at her office, local area restaurants, by phone and by email.

Psychic Services

Cookie’s psychic readings include surveys of the past, present and future. She can provide insight on any aspect of your life, including romance, careers, or finances. As a spiritual medium, Cookie can channel communications between her clients and spirits, especially loved ones who have passed on.
Feel free to record your session with Cookie or bring a notebook to capture valuable information. You are welcome to come prepared with questions and topics to discuss.
Cookie can help you:

  • Connect with loved ones on other side
  • Solve problems with intuitive counseling
  • Predict and correct health problems
  • Enrich your life through candles and other techniques
  • Cleanse a new house and make it spiritually ready for your arrival
  • Understand what role numerology plays in your life
  • Use psychometry to better understand a situation

Available services:

In-person readings – 30 or 60 minute sessions available
Group/party readings – call for pricing and availability
Phone readings – distance is not an issue with Cookie’s phone readings


I have had numerous readings from Cookie throughout the last decade.  Her accuracy is astoundingly remarkable.  Additionally, her unsolicited guidance with respect to: business, personal relationships, & prosperity is unparalleled.



No Events


Cookie is no longer answering questions by email. Please call her directly at 248-539-9065 for questions regarding services, rates and availability.


29551 Greenfield, Southfield, MI 48075 (by appointment only)